Old Cats

I have quite the old cat collection. As a matter of fact I have three. The first is a 2007 model tuxedo. The general condition is good with only a few missing teeth in the mouth. The second is a 2008 tabby in excellent condition that is still capable of high-speed operation. The third is another tuxedo of an unknown vintage due to a missing data plate. If you haven’t figured it out by now I’m not talking about caterpillar equipment but actually cats of the feline variety.

I’ve been eyeing this old grader for a long time now and even stopped for a picture a few times but either the light or my laziness conspired to ruin the photograph. But, finally after years of trying I was able to capture the near perfect photo of this old girl.

Right next door is a more active loader. This one gets around town and possibly has been on this site before. I’m a busy man and haven’t had time to check.

On the old scale this loader is the newest of the bunch but certainly up their in years. It was working with a drill rig to place large steel pilings along a city street. Reason unknown.

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