On the Job – CSX Everything Edition!

Yesterday I stopped by a busy CSX job site in Liverpool, NY where crews were busy removing and replacing an at grade railroad crossing. I don’t travel this road on a regular basis but I understand from the locals that this crossing was in tough shape. I missed all of the track removal action but was able to grab a few neat shots of some loaders and backhoes in action. On hand were a few International 7600 tandem dump trucks and one Freightliner M2 112 setup to ride the rails. I spotted the M2 a few weeks back at Tracey Road Equipment but never got around to sharing the photos. CSX forced my hand with this project! It was interesting to see that a complete section of track was cut and removed intact, ties and all. I’m not sure if the plan is to reuse this section or not. Browsing the gallery below you may notice that one of the loaders had his tire slip off the rim. The operator did not look happy.

CSX M2 106V Freightliner – Click to Enlarge

I don’t do too much train spotting so I found it interesting that the loaders and backhoes have some sort of license plate on their cabs with letters and numbers. I’m not sure what they are for but they are very train like. This was a very busy job site with a lot of equipment and manpower moving in every direction. That being said it was in the heart of small village so viewing spots were plentiful. Too bad I spent the morning at a heavy equipment auction instead of Liverpool!


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