On the Job – John Deere 225D LC

Demolition is underway of penicillin contaminated buildings at the Bristol-Myers Squibb plant in East Syracuse, NY. Apparently once a building has been used to manufacture penicillin it is forever contaminated and therefore unsuitable for future medical research or manufacturing. The main demolition contractor appears to be Cleveland Wrecking Company. They have an arsenal of equipment onsite and believe me, these machines are very large and very intense. Sadly, this post won’t deal with any of them because they were hiding down a hill and behind a building. My only access to the work is what I can see from the road and through a group of trees. That is where I spied this Deere 225D LC working to sort various metals from broken concrete and brick. The amount of scrap metal on this site is insane. The local scrap guys must be drooling when they drive by.

For more details and images of the project you can visit the official Cleveland Wrecking website by clicking here.

Hopefully I can grab some shots and videos of the larger machines in action. In the mean time….video!


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