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For awhile now I’ve noticed a steady stream of trucks from Riccelli Enterprises entering 690 East from one of the main on ramps that lead out of downtown Syracuse. The bed tarps were always down so I knew they had to be hauling dirt out of the immediate area but I just didn’t know from where. I work downtown and I like to think I have a good handle on the major projects taking place but I was stumped with this one. Figuring that work wouldn’t take place on the weekend I never investigated any potential job sites until this Saturday when I saw yet another convoy of trucks making the same loop out of the city. Enough was enough! The mystery needed to be solved. As fate would have it I noticed a Riccelli truck heading back in the direction of the potential construction hot spot while heading home from some errands. Traffic lights conspired against me so I wasn’t able to tail him directly but I went with my gut and picked a random exit. This isn’t as big a leap of faith as you may think, Syracuse isn’t that big. I began to lose hope with my choice after a few blocks of deserted streets showed no signs of life of any sort. Just about ready to give up I checked my rear view mirror and was greeted with the sight of two trucks exiting 690 and heading the opposite direction. I made a quick (and legal) U-Turn and tailed them to the site.

I soon found all I was looking for.

Recently a large section of property on the northside of the city was demolished to make room for new mix use properties. Crews are now busy leveling the site for the new buildings. Dirt is being trucked out as quickly as possible. Speaking to the diversity of the Riccelli fleet I saw two Mack CL’s, an International 9900i, a Freightliner FLD, a couple of Peterbilts and I think at least one Kenworth. I took photos of most of them during my visit. The Cat 330L doesn’t look like much in this photo but four or five bucket loads left each truck full and ready to go. The entire process only took a few minutes at best. Thankfully the construction fence was busted open and I was able to shoot some decent video.

Encyclopedia Brown ain’t got nothing on me!

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