The Honeywagon

Oooh that smell. Can’t you smell that smell? It’s the smell of spring in the air and it’s brought to you by manure. ┬áBreath deep! The honey wagons are out it in full force. Andy caught one in his travels the other day. It looks to be a former garbage truck, probably a Waste Management rig. Gone are the dual wheels, ditched in favor for large tractor style floats. Two large hooks mount to the bumper to provide assistance when this truck inevitably becomes stuck in the field during the course of doody.

For the serious distributors of fecal matter you have no choice but to buy a custom built machine like this Ag-Gator. Andy smelled this one before he saw it a few years ago. I have to say I never paid close attention to how these machines work. I always assumed the material was simply sprayed onto the ground and allowed to soak in. Looking at the photos I can see how wrong I was. Large teeth above the discharge nozzles tear the earth open allowing for the fertilizer to reach deep into the ground.

Look at that, a whole post dedicated to manure spreading and only poop joke! Thanks to Andy for the share. If you are interested in the etymology of the word honeywagon check out the wikipedia link here.


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