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Hopefully by the time you read this I am well on my to York, PA for the ATHS National Meet. If you’re really late to the party I may even be back from the show! Current talk around the show confirms that over 1,300 truck have preregistered with many more expected to roll through the gates Thursday through Saturday. RigsĀ of all shapes and sizes will be present including rusty relics, survivors, completely restored show pieces and custom haulers, and more! To prime the well so to speak Dave sent me a few shots of a classic looking Kenworth fixing to hit the show grounds later in the week.

Kenworth COE

Spotted at a Memorial Day parade the owner told Dave he was a major B.J. and The Bear fan growing up. That now classic show provided inspiration for his current ride.

Kenworth K100

I agree with Dave and think this truck may just have surpassed the TV show original when it comes to coolness. You can read more about the truck from the show by clicking here.

Kenworth Cab Over

Thanks to Dave for sharing! Check back often for nearly live updates from the show!

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  1. Jim says:

    That’s a really nice K100E. Don’t see many like that anymore.

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