Onward into History

Up until last week the Town of Herkimer, NY had TWO Walter Snow-Fighters in the arsenal. Now they have none. Please don’t be confused. These were not rust buckets hanging out behind the salt shed. From photos and personal inspections these trucks were ready to go during the next big storm.

Ryan had his brother in-law Tom stop by the town garage to take a closer look and grab some great photos. Below, a 1959 model with blower. According to the listing this truck is still powered by it’s original 140 Waukesha gas engine. Power to the Bros blower comes from a rear mounted LeRoi 2000 engine. All gauges and other equipment were 100% operational at time of auction with the exception of a minor hydraulic leak. The optional coffee can over the exhaust stack was also included. The final hammer price for this unit came in at  $6,100.

Walter Snow Fighter

Also up for bid was a 1948 model complete with V-Plow and wing. This truck was a little worse for wear with a rusty cab and exposed wiring but still functional. The auction paper work indicates this truck is a gas model but further investigation by true Walter experts concluded that it was repowered by a diesel at some point in time while receiving a newer style cab. The question remains, was this a town job or a factory repower, as was the style of the time.

Walter Snow Fighter

The final price for this beast was $2,351, a true steal when you consider the pound per dollar ratio.

The town also had a few other goodies up for sale including Walter spare parts, a ’77 GMC Dump and a 70’s International M-Series that was in rough shape compared to the gem from the farm auction a few weeks ago. Check them out by clicking here.

Thanks for Tom for grabbing these photos and to Ryan for sharing them with us.

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  1. Tom Pavlot Jr says:

    It was my pleasure to go and photograph these beauties on a cold Sunny spring day in CNY. I have been doubed by Ryan as an official plow chaser and I thank you !!

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