International Harvester Farm Trucks

If it wasn’t for the corn husks scattered across the ground you could easily believe this photo came from the used truck portion of an IH dealer circa late 1970’s. But truth has a habit of being stranger than fiction as just last year these trucks were hard at work in the fields of Chittenango, NY hauling corn. Yes, someone was still using a 1958 VCO in 2015. Mind blowing!

IHC Trucks

And what about that M-Series? It happened to be my personal favorite of the day. It was in near mint condition inside and out. Under the butterfly hood a large and presumably thirsty International six 6 cylinder gas engine resided. A right to left five speed transmission with a three speed auxiliary was used to pull crops to waiting silos.


The M and the VCO were part of larger fleet of trucks that were once part of Weisbrod Crop Farms LLC. Two Fleetstars (one diesel, one gas) along with three Loadstars rounded out the classic part of the fleet. There were a few other late model trucks also up for sale but you can see those rigs anywhere so I didn’t pay much attention.

Farm Trucks

Believe me when I tell you these trucks were immaculate both inside and out. Original gauges and lights were to be found in┬áthe pristine cabs. No clumps of manure or random tractor parts to be found here. As the auction progressed each truck fired right up when it came time to solicit bids. Oh the bids. I’m ashamed to tell you what these trucks went for because I didn’t come home with any of them. The blue Fleetstar dump truck with a 250 Cummins and 13 speed RoadRanger when for 1,300 bucks. The M-Series? 1,000 dollars even. The 1958 VCO? 700 dollars. Truly, this was a buyers auction.

I have some video to process of these fine trucks with expert narration. I even have a few shots of the big gas engines firing up. While they are not diesels they have a charm of their own. In the meantime, enjoy the gallery below that contains model info and hammer price.

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