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There is an old saying, variety is the spice of life.  So today I am going to take a break from talks about snow plows and diesels and venture off road.  Consider yourself warned, things are about to get spicy.  Yesterday Jeep pulled the wraps off a group of amazing concept vehicles and performance packages.  Feast your eyes on the Jeep Mighty FC, a vehicle that  sources its inspiration from the forward control jeeps of the past.

Jeep Mighty FC Concept - Click to Enlarge

Can you say ground clearance?  Now, as cool as the Mighty FC is, I REALLY, REALLY want to see the truck below hit the showroom floor.

Jeep J-12 Concept - Click to Enlarge

This is the Jeep J-12 Concept, a dream come true.  You had me at steel wheels with chrome dog dish hub caps.  Based on the Wrangler Unlimited chassis the frame was extended 18 inches to provide room for a full six foot long bed.  Inside the cabin the spartan good looks of the J-12 continue with a bed liner replacing the carpet and exposed steel transmission hump.  I want this.  I would buy this right now.  Jeep, please stop teasing us with pickup concepts and make one!  Please!


For all the nitty gritty details on all the vehicles click the link below.

Images/Source: Chrysler


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