P&H 4100XPB

Oh you have an electric car? That’s cute. How about this electric rope monster, the P&H 4100XPB. All electric here, available in either AC or DC currents depending on your persuasion.

Matt sends in this shot that a friend of his took while visiting Australia awhile back. Here we see a 4100XPB moving to a new mine site. In the frame we see two pusher trucks riding on a large rubber and planetary axles that seem positively puny by comparison. In real life those C-500’s (at least one of them is anyway) dwarfs the average road going semi. This really shouldn’t be a surprise as the model P&H is designed to load haul trucks with capacity rages from 218 to 363 metric tons.

And if you ever wondered how one might learn to operate one of these multi million dollar machines look no further than the very screen you are probably staring at.


If they sold this simulator as a video game I would buy it. Thanks to Matt for sending along this great video.

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