Pile Driver

Pile driver, it’s more than just a wrestling move, it’s a piece of construction equipment used to construct foundations for large buildings on earth that is often loose or close to the watertable which makes total unsuitable to build upon. Matt came across this early 1980’s FMC Link-Belt model 138 recently on a jobsite near Baldwinsville, NY. With a 75 Ton lifting capacity and hydraulically operated functions these model cranes are still readily seen on jobsites across the country. The chassis is a 8×4 inhouse design of Link-Belt. The house, or lifting unit of the crane, normally would have been powered by a 6-71N Detroit Diesel but has since been replaced with a 250 Cummapart. However, the original 8V-71N is still the the power sources of the carrier.

Cool shots of this old worker. Thanks again for sharing Matt!

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