Primping and Pulling

Lots of video today so find a comfortable seat and enjoy the show.

We’ll start with a Peterbilt that not matter how much weight the sled put down was always able to make a full pull. You’ll find this truck again in the parade video below. It looks to have air bags up front as the driver was bouncing the corners all around during the procession.

Here is a sample of the trucks that took part in the parade. I don’t have them all as I was late to the show. Some great footage of a Manitowoc dragline in action was the reason and a fair trade if you ask me.

I remember seeing this particular Brockway at the first King of Trucks show back in 2011. I liked it back then and I still like it now.

Any fans of E-9 powered Mack Superliners? *Spolier Alert* Full pull ahead.

The fun ends with this Brockway 762. Under the hood a Detroit Diesel 12V71 screams away. Allison Automatic on the floor.

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