Ride of Pride

Yesterday Schneider National and Cargo Transporters each took delivery of a brand new Cascadia for their fleets.  This may not seem like a big deal but these are not your everyday, run of the mill fleet, rigs.  See the photos below for proof.  Click for a full sized view.


These two Freightliners represent the tenth generation of trucks produced for the Ride of Pride Program.

“Ride of Pride symbolizes respect for and great pride in our servicemen and women, and our employees take a great amount of pride in building these trucks,” said Michael McCurry, Cleveland plant manager for Freightliner Trucks. “We are so pleased to present Schneider National and Cargo Transporters with these traveling tributes to veterans.”

Rolling Thunder uses the Ride of Pride trucks to further their mission of public education relating to prisoners of war and those missing in action.  As a non profit, Rolling Thunder supports veterans and their families through the donation of food, clothing and other daily life essentials.

Click the link below for the official press release.


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  1. christopher meness says:

    We just had the honor of driver Greg Roberts bringing the ride of pride to our POW wow in Cookeville,TN On October 7th 2012 . My grandfather Tommy veal which was a veteran and the founder of indigenous intertribal Corp. Would have really love this. We salute you Greg for your dedication to our country and our company Schneider national.

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