Roll of Drums

Of the following two individual which one has the more dangerous job? The average Joe Shmoe heavy equipment operator or the dare devil circus performer? The answer to this questions depends on the person that heeds the roll of the drum. According to this┬ásafety video produced by Caterpillar and the National Safety Council, that stuntman, while performing dangerous activities, actually has a safer occupation as he is prepared for danger and has taken the steps necessary to minimize the damage. That’s right buddy. You thought it was a good idea to race your Cat 660 and Cat 632 along the shores of lake but in reality you’re taking a bigger chance than the dude being shot out of a canon. Same goes for the mechanic replacing the scraper cutting edge without blocking the apron. A small and unnoticed hydraulic leak turns this once humble earth moving machine into a make shift guillotine. Produced in the same style as Shake Hands with Danger┬áthis video walks us through the tragedies lurking around the corner of every unsafe decision. Heed the roll of the drum before it drums for you!

By the way, heavy equipment racing should totally be a thing! I bet it would eclipse NASCAR in less than three years.

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2 Responses to Roll of Drums

  1. Joe says:

    Classic stuff!

  2. Ray Laight says:

    Where can I see “The Roll of Drums”

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