Shake Hands With Danger

Waaay back in the early part(just a guess) of the glorious 1970’s Caterpillar joined forces with the National Safety Council to produce a film dedicated to the safe operation and maintenance of heavy equipment titled Shake Hands With Danger. The theme of the film revolves around the idea that many of us know when we are doing something dangerous but proceed for a variety of reason. We choose to shake the hand of danger. While many other training films cheap out when it comes to recreating an accident the producers of this film employed professional stuntmen to portray unlucky operators as they fall from great heights, set themselves on fire or lose control of their machines. The message of safety rings true after all these years with many of the dangerous activities still common causes of accidents to this day. Do not wash parts with gasoline. Do not remove the tracks of dozer without blocking the wheels. Do not place your hands in a pinch point. The results of each action is clearly shown. Fake blood included. The narration and music of this film follow a country western theme with each accident used to increase the song by one more macabre verse. For example, when the safety gap on a grinding wheel is not checked we are treated to the line of..

I used to laugh at safety, now they call me three finger Joe.

If that doesn’t ring in your mind I’m not sure what will. While it is fun to see equipment run wild and destroy buildings and small vehicles please keep in mind that every scenario represented in the film is based on an actual event. So while your watching keep an open mind. The life you save may just be your own!

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  1. Jeff says:

    Wasn’t that corny? We watched it in my BOCES heavy equipment class. My dad watched it when he went to BOCES. lol

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