Snow Plow Math

Last week I passed by the local Mack dealer and noticed they had two yellow Granites fully equipped with plow gear parked along the side of their service bays. It was dark and snowy and the time so I had to pass on taking a photo. I had hoped that with Christmas right around the corner the trucks would wait for me to return. Sadly they did not. However, when those two trucks moved on a different three filled the void. By my math I figure I am up one truck. Anyway, these rigs will soon be at their new home in Nassau County to put their Henderson plow gear to good use.

At the Freightliner dealership across town this Mack Granite for the Town of Parish has been waiting a long time now for its upfit. It should be a nice looking rig when all is said and done.

Also at the Freightliner dealer, Tracey Road, this Oshkosh is waiting for its winter weapons. Sorry, no idea on the future owner. Oswego or Jefferson County highway department perhaps?

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