Still Working – 1986 Chevy Kodiak

As you probably know by now GM has started to get back into the medium to heavy duty truck game. For decades they had a strong showing in this market place before essentially walking away and leaving many loyal customers seeking business at the hands of their former competitors. Only time will tell how well their new product offerings will stack up to the well received Kodiak and Topkick trucks of the past. Here we see if an example of a 1986 Kodiak currently owned by the Fisher Companies. Fisher trucks are no stranger to this website. Over the years we’ve seen more than a few examples of their well-maintained fleet of older trucks and equipment that are still capable of putting in a full day’s work with ease.

This Kodiak came to Fisher after a tenure with the Locke fire department. As with many fire trucks the mileage was low with this particular trucmodel only having 20,000 on the odometer. After refurbishment it is was ready for duty with the train derailment crew.

Thanks for the share Vaughn!

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