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Still Working – 1986 Chevy Kodiak

As you probably know by now GM has started to get back into the medium to heavy duty truck game. For decades they had a strong showing in this market place before essentially walking away and leaving many loyal customers … Continue reading

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International 2574 Rollback

I’ve always thought that a rollback truck would be a useful rig to have around. You can haul other vehicles, building materials, heavy equipment or more. The heavier duty the truck and the bed the better. This International 2574 fits … Continue reading

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Still Working – Mack ValueLiner

I came across this Mack ValueLiner of the Fisher Companies the other day. I had seen it weeks before at a job site and made a mental note to check it out later. I really didn’t expect it to still … Continue reading

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Whatever It Takes

Last night as I was passing by the local rail yard I noticed a bright set of lights and the top of a yellow boom peaking from behind a large building. I immediately knew that a derailment of some type … Continue reading

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Canadian National 5703 Derailment

Yesterday as I was coming home from work I was wondering what material I had laying around that could be turned into a post for today. As I crossed the bridge into town I looked to my right and saw … Continue reading

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