Still Working – Chevy C50 Dump Truck

This Chevy C50 dump truck is still in use at a local golf course so I deem it to be a fine candidate for the Still Working portion of Daily Diesel Dose. The yellow portions of grill hint at a previous life as a municipal truck that has since be concealed by a layer of flat black paint. A very large and very deep crease in the driver’s door surely make for a easy time entering the cab. Like the fleeting days of summer how much longer does this truck have left?

Chevy C50 dump truck

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2 Responses to Still Working – Chevy C50 Dump Truck

  1. econobiker says:

    Snowplow mount on front without bumper, yellow surrounding front fender side marker light, yellow on back of severely rusted rear view mirror, maybe rear tires with studs.
    Yep, that was an ex municipal vehicle. Give it a used front bumper, a used left door, some bondo, a quick bed sand blast and a respray and it would have probably another 15 years life in it if the engine is still half right.

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