ATCA Northeastern PA – The Videos Part III

I don’t mind living in the past when it contains great trucks like these from the ATCA show in Harford, PA. These videos just about finish the coverage of this fine event. I hope you have enjoyed the fine diesel splendor.

To begin we return to the fairly steep grade trucks must climb before entering the show grounds. A conveniently placed stop sign at the base of the hill prevents trucks exiting I-81 from approaching the grade with any sort of speed. This makes for good video of smoking pipes and growling engines.

Most of the trucks arrive under their own power while a select few are trailered to the event. These aren’t trailer queens by any stretch, the owners simply want to arrive to the show sometime this century! More of the red Autocar can be seen by clicking here!

As you can tell from past videos almost everyone shows up at the same time to this show. Long periods of empty roads are suddenly replaced by convoys of classic iron all trying to enter the show gates at the same time. Travelling with friends is not only fun but safe when dealing with old trucks.

I can hardly wait till next year!

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