Still Working – Dallas Fire Rescue Tow Trucks

Modern firefighting is equipment intensive. Without fire engines and other support vehicles the brave individuals who responsed to desperate 911 calls would be at a serious disadvantage. When a piece of equipment is down for repairs or service the window to return it to service is very small. To keep the rigs on the road you may need the help of trucks like the Internationals below.

Dallas Fire Rescue International S-Series – Click to Enlarge

Contributor Thomas sends us photos of two old work horses used by Dallas Fire Rescue. He tells us…

I estimate them to be 1980-81 S1900 chassis. These are both units still in service for Dallas Fire-Rescue (Texas) at their maintenance and service center. The first truck is a small tow truck for transferring disabled vehicles around the shop. The large three axle is used rarely if there is something like a engine or transmission that needs to be swapped quickly or at a station.

Dallas Fire Rescue S-Series International – Click to Enlarge

Do you know of an old truck that is still earning it’s keep?  Email Me!

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