Still Working – Diamond Reo Giant Redux

If you’ve been a Daily Diesel Dose visitor from the start you will remember this truck. As a matter of fact this very truck was the subject of the 9th post EVER on this little slice of the web. Thanks to Jim we get to pay a visit back in time and also learn a little more about this great old piece of iron. As mentioned before this truck operates for ProPave but it appears this is not the first time the Giant has worked in the service of a paving company. Jim called my attention to the blue stripe near the top of the dump body. He believes that blue stripe is left over from when the Diamond-Reo worked for Ruston Paving, another local Syracuse company. I would have to agree as I remember seeing this truck sit on the corner of their property years ago while the attempted to sell it. Their corporate baby blue paint hastly covered with a thin coat of white paint. I often wondered where it ended up, well, now I know. Jim figures this truck is powered by a Cummins NTC290.

ProPave Diamond Reo Giant - Click to Enlarge

ProPave Diamond Reo - Click to Enlarge

Thanks for the great shot Jim!

Do you know of an old truck or piece of heavy equipment that is still earning it’s keep? Email Me!

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3 Responses to Still Working – Diamond Reo Giant Redux

  1. Nelson says:

    Based on the air cleaner shown in the photo, that Diamond-Reo Giant probably was a later model and would likely have an NTC-300 BC-I or larger/later engine, not an NTC-290. The NTC-290 had a smaller horizontal mounted air cleaner.

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks for clearing that up.

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