Supor and Sons Part II

So the other day I made some comparisons to the GE turbine move I witnessed last year to that of the one Hugh shared with us. After seeing this second round of photos clearly I was comparing apples to oranges.

Hugh tells us..

The mobile platforms were manufactured by Kamag and the bridge structure which pivoted on the two transporters totaled approximately 192 feet in overall length.  The bridge structure carried the loads on two cross members suspended within the structure.  The reason for the overall length was to distribute the weight so as to comply with CT DOT wheel load requirements.  The rear platform had two additional diesel power pads to supplement the power pack attached to the lead platform.  The whole assembly was operated with a tethered control on the lead platform. 

Truly impressive. It’s hard to believe such loads could moved down any road. Thanks again for the share Hugh!

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