Swords to Plowshares

There has been no snow this week so there will be no snow plow action photos. Thankfully I have a stock pile of still shots from random dealers, parking lots and repair facilities. This fancy looking WorkStar for the Syracuse International Airport was at the local Freightliner dealer a few weeks back. Later it could be seen without it’s box so I suppose some sort of repair or upgrade was taking place.


The Western Star infiltration of the NYS Thruway continues in full force.


Speaking of Western Stars here is a sharp looking one from the Town of Clay, NY. Have we see this truck before? Magica 8 Ball answer: Yes Definitely.


In the gallery below we have a pair of International 2574’s of the NYSTA. They were in line with the new Western Stars seen above. Are they being replaced? Magic 8 Ball says: Most Likely. Next is a brand new Freightliner 114SD with complete Henderson setup. Also, two more Western Stars, I believe the first truck is from the Town of Eaton while the second is from the Town of Augusta. It’s difficult to see in the photo but the Augusta truck has a nice pastoral scene painted for the town shield complete with deer, tree and plow truck. Completing the collection is a International 4700 with the Town of Dewitt.

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