Western Stars of Distinction

I came across these two Western Stars months ago. Like other trucks in the past they were lost in the shuffle and confusion of the warmer months that are filled with truck shows and other content rich events. Now that the winter freeze is setting in I can slow down and share a few gems that have been overlooked.

This Western Star 4900 of Associated Industrial Riggers is a fine looking machine. Well appointed with lights and chrome of every kind and sharp green paint job. While making this post I couldn’t shake the feeling that I had already shared this truck so I did some digging and discovered that while this truck is new to DDD a near twin of this truck can be found in the employ of ERSI. Take a look at this old post and see how close the two trucks are to each other. I guess this kind of thing happens when both businesses reside just minutes away from the local Western Star dealer.

Western Star 4900 Truck

A little older on the Star spectrum is this truck for an utility contractor by a name that I no longer remember. Their yard was full of cool stuff like 4×4 bucket trucks and off road tracked cranes. The fading summer sun was in the wrong spot to grab any decent photos but take my world for it, you would have loved what they had.

Western Star Truck

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