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Still Working – Freightliner FLC

While traveling on the NYS Thruway I’ve developed the habit of stopping at nearly every service plaza along my route. Don’t worry, I don’t have a bladder problem I just enjoy checking out the trucks that have parked for a … Continue reading

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Still Working – Freightliner FLC

Nothing like catching a working truck in its natural environment.  For instance, this mud covered and battle scarred Freightliner FLC of Clark Concrete.  How about that split windshield?  Vintage.  The exhaust stack even has a flapper. Do you know of an old truck still … Continue reading

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Future Classics?

What will classic truck shows look like in the near future?  Will the B-Model Macks, Emeryville Internationals and needle nose Petes be viewed as too old fashioned by the younger crowds?  Will they be drawn to the trucks of the … Continue reading

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At the Dealer – Bring on the Plows.

For us in the northern climates we have ignored the truth long enough, winter is here.  With that in mind many municiaplites are scrambling to button up their trucks for the season.  Time to take a look at few on … Continue reading

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