The Birth of a Street

Drivers rejoice! A new street is entering the world or at the very least, half a street. Now that utilities, curbs, and sidewalks have all been upgraded or replaced work has started on rebuilding the tattered remains of West Fayette Street. Layer after layer of asphalt has been applied to reach the required height for vehicle traffic. Soon daily commuters will have a nice smooth path to work…. and then work can start on the other side of the street. No one gets off that easy. Below is gallery of various paving action as it took place over the past two weeks. You’ll notice that a Midland R-Model Mack makes an appearance three times. Technically, they are two different truck so I think it’s okay. Also found below is short video of same paving action that begins with one of the Midland Macks spraying a layer of black goop followed by the paver in action and eventually finishing with some good old fashioned hand spreading of asphalt. The one thing I noticed about the entire process? The fumes from the fresh pavement aren’t nearly as strong as they once were. A good thing for the workers no doubt.

The Video!

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