The Brockway Trail

It happened again. I journeyed up and down the Finger Lakes wine trails of Cayuga and Seneca Lakes and spent more time looking for rusty old hulks than I did enjoying the scenic vistas. Well, that’s not entirely true but I did have my eyes peeled for gems hiding in the numerous fields and wooded area along the route. I almost crossed the double yellow lines when I craned my neck around to catch a second glimpse of this old Brockway. My wife doesn’t even scream out in terror anymore when this kind of thing happens. In fact, she encouraged me to turn around and grab a shot.

This truck¬†was way off in a farmers field and almost beyond the reach of my camera’s zoom. It’s a little fuzzy close up but the overall details are there. It’s possible the true Brockway fanatics out there already know of this truck resting along route 96 in Romulus, NY. You don’t have to be close to tell this truck is in rough shape and probably only good for highway gawking now. You can’t see it from this angle¬†but the driver’s side door is wide open. God only knows for how long. If you know the story behind this truck feel free to share.

Brockway Snow Plow

I also saw a few other cool trucks in the form of a Mack Superliner, International Loadstar (gas power booo) and a Ford L9000.

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