Still Working – Ford N600 and International Transtar

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a wine tour through the beautiful country surrounding Cayuga and Seneca lakes.  Nestled between the rolling hills that open to expansive lakeside views I spotted plenty of old iron in the form of trucks and tractors still used to support the agriculture of the area.  I wasn’t able to grab a photo of everything I saw but why rush?  Saving a few treasures for later leaves more reasons to make another “wine” trip.  😉

Both trucks were located at active wineries and actually appeared to be used to help move the grapes from the field.  I’m glad they see actual use and are not used as some kind of hipster lawn ornamentation.

Ford N-600 - Click to Enlarge

International Transtar - Click to Enlarge

International Transtar - Click to Enlarge

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3 Responses to Still Working – Ford N600 and International Transtar

  1. Jim says:

    Cool old iron! I known that Swedish Hill Winery over in Romulus, NY, has a B-Model Mack on site. Seemed to be in good condition, too, last time I was there.

  2. Ervin Slabaugh says:

    I find this very interesting as these were the trucks I saw rolling down the interstate highways when I was at the age that a big truck was almost heaven! I can still hear the unique sound of the Cummins 220! That is a small amount of horses for nowadays but that didn’t matter to a 12 yr old kid. The sound they produced was cool enough to compete with any modern truck. I’m not only referring to exhaust sound. The deep diesel pinging they produced as they lugged through the town square would mesmerize any truck lover!

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