The Final Milling

Welcome to the special two day coverage commemorating the milling of Harrison Street. Announced in the early spring activity finally began to take place on October 2oth. Well, that was the plan. In attempt to appease motorists, work was scheduled to occur from 6PM to 6AM each day. I was looking forward night paving as I hoped to capture a different angle on the activity under the magic glow of portable light towers. The weather however had a different plan in mind. While the days remained dry the evening hours turned to rain. What’s the saying about the best laid plans of mice and men? Eventually the powers that be gave up the night paving idea all together and started working weekends and days. It was a win/win for me as the work was only a short block away from my office.

Cat PM-201

Harrison Street is a half mile four lane stretch of road on the the outskirts of downtown and is a major traffic artery for people entering the city. The amount of machinery mobilized to finish the job in a short window was impressive. From one end of Harrison to the other there was a constant buzz of activity with the Cat PM-201 cold planer filling dump trucks as quickly as they arrived.

dump trucks

While the cold planer and the paver (not shown) were the stars of the show a small armada of skid steers with various attachments were found all over the place. Some were loading milled material while others grooved the pavement close to the curb and around catch basins.

New Holland L223 Skid Steer

Over a weeks time I watched as the street went from zero to hero. I believe I captured most of the phases except for the actual laying down of asphalt. Did I mention the endless stream of dump trucks?

Independent Contractor Dump Trucks

If you didn’t pay close attention you were bound to miss something. I just got the tail end of the sweeper truck making room for more millings.

Freightliner M2 Sweeper

Originally the project called for the paving of both Harrison Street and the adjacent Adams Street which is equally long and as wide. Obvisouly that window has closed…for this year at least. Something to look forward too right? Check back tomorrow for over six minutes of road milling video fun!

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