The Ford CLT 9000 – A Silver Screen Star

Large Marge, who was she? Some may say a myth. To others, a ghost. Still others say she was both. Perhaps the only thing we know for sure about this highway legend is her truck of choice, a Ford CLT 9000 powered by a Detroit Diesel.

  • Scary? Indeed. However, Large Marge wasn’t the only highway cowboy that used the Ford CLT 9000 to wreak havoc on the road. How about our friendly trucker lending John Candy a hand?

    Did I forget to mention he was carrying rocket fuel?

    The Ford CLT with its long nose brother the LTL were certainly some of the best looking trucks ever produced by Ford which allowed them to be the natural choice for directors looking to fill the roll of a “big rig” in their movies. Oh, and don’t forget to tell them Large Marge sent ya!

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    1. Peter Warren says:

      This an interesting little can of worms.The tractor changes during the movie anyone notice this.After the fire and its all burnt out it is a rare Freightliner

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