The Forgotten

Take a look at this, another Mack RM with super tall rubber just sitting out in the weeds. Similar to the truck from Little Falls that hasn’t seen work in over a year this rig from the Town of Danube seems to be experiencing the same fate. Global warming is real. I proved it right here.

Mack RM

Or maybe, just maybe, parts for these old trucks are becoming hard to find. Such is the case with this Ford from the Town of Manheim. A few years ago part in the Coleman 4×4 system broke and it was months before a suitable replacement was found. Speaking with the highway superintendent he said the next time a similar failure happens the truck heads off to the scrap yard.

Snow Plows

Some others from the Manheim fleet. The Autocar ACL is another rig that stays dressed all year. Simply too heavy for practical everyday use even without the plow gear.

Over at the City of Little Fall the International M-Series is basically sitting in the spot as seen by Ryan back in 2015. This truck is simply too awesome to be left rotting in the weeds. Someone build a shed for this truck!

International M-Series

Other items from the City of Little Falls.

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3 Responses to The Forgotten

  1. Jim Toussaint says:

    Great looking Mack RM

  2. Mike Blais says:

    Someone spent some time painting the M series. Too bad they have to leave it sitting out in the weeds.

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