International M-Series Snow Plow

Fans of old school heavy iron rejoice! Your International M-Series snow plow has arrived!

City of Little Falls M Series with Frink Setup (1024x683)

Can you believe the condition of this truck? Hardly a spec of rot or rust through to be found. This is nothing short of a miracle on an old plow truck. International produced the M-Series for a number years with production ending sometime in the mid 70’s with the introduction of the Paystar line. At the least we are probably looking at a truck that is 40 years old. A round of applause to The City of Little Falls who still has this beast in their arsenal of snow fighting equipment. Chains, single tires, 4×4, Frink plow gear and a Hi-Way spreader. What more could you ask for? The gallery below also contains a cool looking Oshkosh.

Speaking of M-Series, here is a fun little video I shot years ago at the Washington County (NY) fair. This particular truck is gas powered but still cool. 🙂

Once again, another great find and share by Ryan.

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6 Responses to International M-Series Snow Plow

  1. Joe says:

    Ryan does it again! That Little Falls M-series would be gas too unless they re-powered it at some point. Either a Red Diamond 450 or 501 under the hood. These models were discontinued sometime in 1972.

  2. David says:

    Nothing wrong with gas, when I started in the business longer ago than I care to say, most municipal trucks were gas, as the cost generally wasn’t justifiable, and availability of bullet proof mid spec diesels was lean. The cost of a big bore Cummins could buy an extra truck in a fleet order, and the 180’s, DV550’s, and other mid range’s just didn’t hold up in severe service. Spend 16 hours in a Brockway with a 6-71, and your ears would bleed. Till the Cat 1160 was established, and pushed the market up, lots of trucks had 401v6 gas, Gold Comet Reo’s, big Waukesha and Continentals, 477 and 534 Super Duties, and of course, the above mentioned RD 450 and 501 IH’s, all of which required auxiliary trannies, but could deliver the power and durability needed in local fleets.

  3. Paul proudfoot says:

    I am looking for a m series international truck to buy. Can anyone help? Thanks Paul

  4. Paul says:

    I have a 1970 International snowplow very similar to the photo here. Still has the original Cummins turbo diesel. Has spent its life in Colorado, so very little rust. Originally was a Colorado DOT rig for plowing the high mountain passes (10,000’ plus) of southwest Colorado. Probably went for the diesel rather than gas for much better performance at altitude.

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