The International CV

This past March GM announced their return to the commercial truck market with a heavy duty version of the Silverado. As you know (because you visit this site) this truck was designed in partnership with Navistar and will be built in their Springfield, Ohio plant. Content to let GM have all the limelight for the past few months International is now starting to release teaser photos of their version of the truck, the CV.

One of the biggest question I had at the time of the announcement regarded the engine. Would International use the Duramax? The answer is yes and will feature International exclusive calibration. Like its GM cousin the CV will also feature an Allison Automatic as the trans. The GVW range of the CV falls between 16,000 and 22,900. The official public launch is this November so if you want to be the first on your block with one you better make your way down to your local International dealer. 

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  1. Larry Horwedel says:

    International needs to build this truck not GM. all GM builds anymore is CRAP !

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