The Modern Mack

Along with all the vintage iron of Trucktoberfest there were plenty of brand new bulldogs hanging around the grounds of the Mack Museum. Off the beaten path in the back forty this impressive line up of the latest and greatest to wear the Mack name plate were lined up and just begging to be photographed. Most likely these are the very trucks seen in various advertising and official media releases.

I hope I don’t ruin the surprise but if you work for Braun’s Express you have some new trucks heading your way. I was able to squeeze seven into the frame but a sign in each windshield read “Do Not Ship Incomplete Order” so it sounds like there a few more on the way. 

A few Mack Defense vehicles were also hiding in plain sight. I like the utilitarian looks of that green camo one.

In the gallery below you’ll see a Mack Granite for Vulcan Materials. It has the resigned interior but I didn’t know this until I had walked away soooo, yeah. Take my world for it. Maybe the oddest duck in the flock was a Dimethyl Ether (DME) fueled Pinnacle. You might recall by visiting this old post from 2013 that DME was viewed (still is?) as the alternative fuel of the future. Here we are four years later and DME has yet to come into it’s own. Good things take time I suppose. 

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  1. Dave S. says:

    Gotta admit, I love Macks, but I’m not a big lover of the new Anthem. It looks like a little kid designed it, and stuck on a bunch of awkward spare pieces from his Lego set. I would not buy it simply on looks alone, because of it’s awkward, chunky appearance. Much prefer the smooth clean lines of the previous model.

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