The New Age of Golf

Some say that the popularity of golf in the United States is fading to historic lows. Generic hyperbole perhaps but this is the internet after all. With the apparent fading of Tiger Woods maybe the sport needs to find a new and exciting angle. How about a moving golf course. Better yet. How about a moving golf on the backs of Cat 793 haul truck. YES!

OH yes they did. Cat assembled their full range of dump truck products at their Tinaja Hills test and demonstration center to resemble the golf course of your dreams. Or nightmares. I guess it depends on your handicap. Twin Japanese golfing sensations Marimo and Erimo Ikeuchi were the first to take on this challenging course. Just as interesting as the finished product the behind the scenes video is well worth the watch.

This elebrate setup is all part of the Caterpillar brand awarness series (welcome to 2015) Built For It. Check out more of the series by clicking here.

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