The New Ford F-650

It has been just about a year since Ford jumped back into the Class 6-7 with their newly revamped F-650  and F-750 offerings. As the world turns I have seen more of these trucks creeping onto the road. With a V10 gas engine and a six speed automatic as the standard options the entry cost to the average buyer is lower than competitors offering larger trucks with diesel engines. As one might expect U-Haul was an early adopter of the new chassis but now larger national fleets are getting into the game.

Ford should have about another solid year of sales before former competitor GM rejoins the 6 and 7 market with their new truck developed in partnership with Navistar. Check out the spy shots here. It’s going to be hard to beat the coolness of the Nathan’s rig. 😉

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  1. Andy R. says:

    They seem to be sporting those honky Dodge tow mirrors all those ya-hoos have…

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