The Plows of Summer

It’s been awhile since I’ve dumped a bunch of plow related photos in one swoop. Brace yourself.

Town of Clay, NY is probably receiving this handsome pair any day now. I first spotted these two trucks back in early June. Passing through the Tracey lot the other day I noticed the plows and wings had been mounted with the trucks just waiting for their new drivers. We know there is at least room for one in the garage now that the Autocar Construcktor has been put out to pasture.

Western Star Snow Plow

Town of Preble has a new a VHD waiting in the wings with Viking gear. Doesn’t look half bad for a Volvo.

Volvo VHD plow rig

I like to think that I’ve seen most of the heavy trucks for the Syracuse DPW but somehow this old 2674 has escaped my eye over the past decade. I hastily snapped this photo one shadow filled early morning figuring I would never see it again. Go figure, I’ve seen this truck at least a dozen since then. It must have been hiding in a back corner of the garage. Everest plow gear can be found on this old unit.

International 2674

I have yet to see any of the new NYSDOT International plows in person but I did come across a pair of new WorkStars set up as lowboy haulers. These particular models happen to come with the optional sloped hood for increased visibility. In the past, NYSDOT has outfitted their fifth wheels trucks with plow gear but I’m not getting that feeling from these two trucks.

International Workstar slope hood

The gallery below contains a few more shots of the Town of Clay trucks, An International WorkStar with hooklift from the physical plant of Syracuse University, another shot of the mystery 2674, a squat looking Town of Fabius AWD 4800, Town of Viena WS 4900, new WorkStar destination unknown, and semi retired International 2674 with concrete ballast, Town of Palemro 7600, and Mack Granite for the Town of Lincoln.

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