The Truck Show that Wasn’t

A little over a month ago I set out for the 2021 ATCA Northeastern PA Endless Mountain truck show on a rainy Sunday morning. I made it a little more than halfway when I had to turn for a minor family emergency. On the way back home I stopped for a few seconds at USA body in Deruyter, NY. USA Body specializes in ag truck setups so of course there were Internationals.

Take a look at this Paystar. Where has this thing been hiding over the past decade to appear virtually brand new?! Keep in mind that this style of Paystar ended right around the same time the Cat CT660 arrived on the scene in 2011. The International truck factory in Garland, Texas that produced the Paystar switched over to Cat trucks production. While officially still available during the early days of the Cat truck you hardly ever found a new Paystar available on dealer lots or anywhere else. They model returned briefly when the Caterpillar gave up on their truck line but never in noticeable numbers and usually only in a SBA form. It’s quite possible this truck is a decade old. It looks pretty darn good!

Speaking of set back axle here is a some form of 9XXX International.

And here is nearly the same truck in a non SBA format.

When life gives you lemons go photograph Internationals!

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