The Western Report – The Sierras

Finally, the latest edition of the Western Report is here! The long delay has nothing to due with lack of contributions from Ryan as he has supplied plenty of great photos over the months. Below is a batch from October. I guess I need to get a handle on my inbox!

I like this Pete that appears to be in the middle of a paint job. I can’t tell if the yellow paint is coming or going.

I’ll never miss a chance to post a photo of a International 9900i. Much like the Freightliner Classic of yesterday the folks at Navistar follow a similar marketing tactic by invoking the feelings of the open road and freedom.

Make a bold statement about your independent spirit with the International® 9900i. Built with all your needs in mind, this truck delivers on both style and performance.

Let freedom ring!

Another stellar job by Ryan!

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