The Worlds Fastest Truck

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I’ve talked about Detroits on this site before and I’ve talked about Freightliners.  BUT I’ve never talked about the two married in such an unholy combination of power and speed. When you want to set a land speed record you head to the Bonneville salt flats.  Most people bring some bullet shaped car with skinny tires and a punney gas powered engine but most people aren’t Don Lemmons, the owner of this insane but beautiful creation.  Lets check the stats.

Start with a Detroit 16V92.  If you slept through our lesson on Detroits last month let me refresh you.  16 stands for the number of pistons, 92 stands for the cubic inch displacement, V means v-block configuration.  In other words, this is a MONSTER engine before the modifications began.

So, you take this 16V92 and you put four turbos on it and two blowers.  Okay, you’re starting to get crazy.  Wait, I forgot the two intercoolers.  Okay…NOW it’s crazy.

Tires, yeah put some Boeing 737 dubs out back.  Keeping with the aeronautical theme and put a pair of F-15 fighter jet tires on the front axle.  Scared yet?

Don’t worry…you have the one the strongest roll cages in the world!  Wow, 4,000 HP, 3,5000 RPM, 228.8 MPH.  The world’s fastest modified diesel truck, a ten ton missile.

One thing is for sure, this isn’t your fathers Freightshaker Century!

Check out the latest Bonneville run.

Image/Source: Joint Venture Race Truck

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