Tow Trucks of Utica

Dave T. stops by again with a great collection of tow trucks (and one plow) from Utica, NY. The truck below works out of shop that restores and hotrods vehicles. It appears to be a International D-Series with plenty of custom trim. Each time I look at this photo I find another cool piece. This is a really neat looking truck that appears rather solid.

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Browsing through the gallery bellow you find a pair of GMC TopKicks from the era of massive grills. The red truck belongs to Cupolo and Sons and is used for private tows. The blue TopKick is a 1981 model with a Weld Built wrecker. In a past life it belonged to CENTRO and hauled many a disabled bus back to the garage. Dave tells us it was replaced with a much larger Mack. Out west in Syracuse an International is used for such tasks.

Keeping with the unoffical vehicle of DDD we also have a GMC Brigadier setup as a lot truck for the winter storms.

Stay tuned for more great finds from Dave T. soon!

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