The Unmarked Tow Truck

I took a walk during lunch the other day hoping to find a truck or two that would be interesting for this site.  After nearly 60 minutes of wandering all over town I had nothing. The streets were empty of anything remotely interesting.  If I found UPS trucks to be interesting I would have been in heaven.  With only minutes left for lunch I was facing the prospect of heading back to the office with any empty camera.   Suddenly, the Interstates parted and this bright orange International 7600 wrecker rolled down the street.  The truck may be unmarked but I happen to know it belongs to CENTRO, the regional bus authority.  Just like the buses it rescues, this truck saved the day for the triple D.

International 7660 Tow Truck - Click to Enlarge

Centro Tow Truck - Click to Enlarge

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