Town of Adams Highway Department.

Look! Another Walter Snow Fighter! How could you miss it? This unit along with that fancy Western Star belong to the Town of Adams Highway Department. This little slice of the world lies right in the path of a persistent lake effect snow band. While destinations just north and south can be spared depending on the winter Adams always will see the heavy stuff year in and year out. Not only does the snow fall heavy but the winds blow strong resulting in some massive drifts. This is where the Walter truly shines and demonstrates why it can not be replaced by any modern vehicle.

Walter Snow Fighter Snow Plow

If you’re on Facebook and you haven’t joined the DOT Plow Trucks group I suggest you do. There is some great video of this Walter at work shelving or if your prefer, benching. You know the snow is heavy when this truck encounters drifts that physically push the truck to the side. Thanks to Ryan for the photos and Ty for opening the doors!

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