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Bear with meĀ as I play your long distance cousin who just stopped by to share their vacation photos of a recent trip to Lichtenstein. Hopefully the photos I have to share won’t be as boring as that hypothetical cousin. First up, this Mack Granite of the Middlesex Corporation of Orlando, Florida. I saw this truck, or a similar one, many times during my stay in the area. It was a fast mover and hard to capture but I found a good angle on it while standing on a pedestrian bridge.

Mack Truck

Big cranes were to be found all over the area with two such examples hovering over the expansion to the Animal Kingdom. Remember that move Avatar from over seven years ago? Disney is busy making an all inclusive section of their park to resemble the alien world of Pandora.

Tower Crane

Back at my hotel another guest arrived in style with a crew cab Freightliner M2 complete with gooseneck and loading crane. On their final day the truck came back through the gates with a Cat diesel engine strapped on the back. Cat 3408? I really don’t know, I’m just throwing out some numbers.

Cat Diesel Engine

Annnnd more! A heavy haul Peterbilt that I reacted to slow to grab a good shot, a familar looking Kenworth flatbed, bus terminal construction at Disney Springs, more Animal Kingdom crane, a parting shot of the Middlesex truck, a tricked out Pete shot through a bus window, random construction, Reedy Creek Improvement District Mack front loader, and the final three are self explanatory.

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2 Responses to Vacation Slides

  1. Clarence Ritchie says:

    Eric, if that engine was running, that chain would not hold it back! Pretty sure that’s a V12. CR

    • Eric says:

      The truck that was carrying this engine had NJ plates and was probably the main reason why the driver headed south. Mixing business with pleasure?

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