Western Star 5700XE

Early this morning Western Star unveiled their very first aerodynamic truck, the 5700XE.


Months ago I received a teaser email from a Daimler rep promising a big addition to the Western Star line up. I was intrigued to see what an aerodynamic Star Car would look like considering their line up has historically been made of large, boxy, heavy built trucks. Imagine my surprise when I saw the first photo and realized I’ve seen this truck before. In fact millions have. You probably did too and never noticed.

optimus (1024x568)

The latest Transformers movie this summer came along with a new cast and more importantly a new truck as Optimus Prime. So long Peterbilt hello Western Star 5700 XE. All this time the new design was hiding among us, just like a real life transformer. Maybe I missed the press release and this hasn’t been a big secret all along?

What do you think of the new look? I believe I like it. Like all new truck designs, it will take time to grow on me but this one isn’t as offensive as most. According to the official website, www.allnew5700.com, only Detroit power train combos will be available as they have been specifically designed to maximize the fuel efficiency of the 5700 XE. A 10 13/16 inch single frame rail, super single tires and aluminium fifth wheel help reduce total weight and fuel consumption. There is no mention of actual wind tunnel testing results which I find a little odd considering similar aero minded trucks from other manufacturers often lead off with MPG numbers. I do like that the trucks are assembled in either Cleveland, NC or Portland, OR. It seems like rival builders go out of their way to hide there manufacturing locations.

If you want all the juicy information and more luxurious photos check out the official website noted above and below. Also, let it be known that I am putting out an official bounty for photos of the Western Star 5700 XE in the real world. No press photos. Your reward will be official Daily Diesel Dose swag. It could be a T-Shirt, mouse pad, or sticker. First come first serve! The same bounty applies for pics of the Cat CT681.

Image Source: Western Star Trucks

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  1. Marshall Daniels says:

    Gotta be the most desireable truck anyone ciuld pray for.

  2. Marshall Daniels says:

    Would be a dream come true.,.

  3. Marshall Daniels says:

    Native Americans Pony For Sure.PRAY,PRAY,PRAY……….

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