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Here is an ad that I ripped right from the heart of the May 14th, 1960 edition of the Saturday Evening Post. Most of the magazine is in tough shape but the International advertisement has passed the test of time. IHC seemed to advertise in many of the mainstream publications of the time, more so than any other brand. Here we see International tooting its horn regarding not only its comprehensive model lineup but also the 5,000 strong dealer network reaching from coast to coast. And don’t forget about the 12 mammoth parts depots! A strong dealer network is essential to any modern truck manufacturer. In fact, it’s one of the main reasons International is still successful to this very day. When any rumor of take over by a foreign body rears its ugly head the large dealer network is always touted as one of the most attractive pieces of the Navistar empire. It very well could be the largest and most expensive part faced by any company looking to setup shop in the United States, an expense that is usually prohibitive to entry. Click on the ad below to see a larger version.

IHC Truck Ad

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