Working at the Scrap Yard

While waiting for the implosion of the NYS Grandstand I had some free entertainment courtesy of the local scrap yard. We’ve seen a shot or two from this Weitsman location in the past but this time the yard seems a little fuller, a little busier. In the video below you’ll see the full range of activity that takes place on any given day at your local shredder. Cars are unloaded and stacked. Metal is picked up with a giant magnet. Piles are sorted and loaded. Washers and dryers are plowed through by a front a loader like they are so much tissue paper.

At one point in the video I believe I have all five machines in the yard in one shot.

Upstate Shredding

The vantage point into the yard would be near perfect if it wasn’t for the power cables and a few struggling trees. Oh well. Take what you can get.

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