Autocar Mondays – What Once Was

Fair warning, you may want to read this story backward if you want to see an old Autocar rise from the grave. Chris sent me these shots of a 1971 DC10364 once operated by Cape Cod Ready Mix of Orleans, MA. For nearly ten years this truck, number 159, hauled dump and bulk trailers with ease and style. After being purchased by Cape Cod Truck Service it found a second life as heavy wrecker with a massive winch up front and and homemade wrecker body in the rear. A blown motor eventually lead this truck to the back lot where it sat until 2010.

Autocar DC Wrecker

The restoration process began but was soon put on hold in favor of saving a 1978 DC9364. Not much is left of old 159 except for the blown motor and a few other pieces. Sometimes you can’t save them all even if you try. Thanks for sharing Chris!

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