The Local Scrap Yard

After the highway expo earlier this week I decided to cruise by a local scrap yard conveniently located right next to fairgrounds. All the usual junk yard actives were taking place and thanks to a gently rising hill complete with sidewalk I was able to observe the daily routine that is precious metal recycling.

Syracuse Scrap Yard

Plenty of Sennebogen machines at this location with giant magnets. One was working in a muddy patch of land grabbing the final bits of iron out of a recently closed section of yard. The other was being serviced. A pair of well used Kobelco excavators were busy making large chunks of steel into tiny chunks of steel. A Kawasaki loader shuttled freshly arrived cars from a device I call the dejuicer to the dismemberment pile. From what I can tell the dejuicer is completely remote controlled by the loader operator. Drills puncture the car at various locations to remove vital yet toxic fluids. I was just about ready to leave when I noticed this make shift storage hopper.

Scrap Metal

Yeaaaaaaahhhh, that’s a Cat 775D dump body, capacity 57 yards. I think there is a little more room near the front.

Nom Nom

Kobelco SK350

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